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Real Leather Belts in Pakistan

Those days are gone where you consider the belt is just a piece of string which goes around your pant and keep it firmly at its place. now a Leather Belt is a symbol of fashion sense, simplicity, class, and elegance.it may depict your mood also. Because according to American Research if you have a bad mood, you just change your clothes and can play some with it in stylizing way, that trick can change your mood and makes you feel better.

As growing demand for Leather lasts a good impact on Pakistan Leather Industry also. And now after the pandemic, the world is trying to increase in growth and manufacturers are also making new products from Leather. So, now our Pakistan Leather has already a bright sign in this industry. And Oxen Leather Belts leaves a remarkable position in the Leather industry of Pakistan.

Whether you have a party or a trip out the Leather belt accessorizes your Look and fulfills the requirement.

How to find the Real Leather Belt:

As we know the market is loaded with tons of not only belts but have many ranges in leather also. and in this situation, you must be a keen observer to find the Real Leather Belt in Pakistan. Here are some helpful tips which make you easier to find the Real one:

  1. Touch Sense: in this, you must touch the belt it should not give the fragile feeling. it shouldn’t be cracked.
  2. Smell sense: Pure Leather have some specific smell that will not fade away.
  3. Water test: Pure Leather can absorb Water in few seconds. Try this to check the credibility and originality of Real Leather.




Main Features of Leather Belts:

The Leather belts come in Formal or Casual style. it’s up to us in which situation we want to carry it.

The main difference between Formal and Casual ones is in their Width. The Casual ones are Thicker and have in wide in inches than the Formal ones.

The more the Darker in color the more for Formal wearing.

1. The genuine Brown Leather Belt:

The Real Leather Belts are made of cow and buffalo hides. They are soft, flexible, strong can resist more, given the unique fine and finished look also.

Brown Leather Belt

These Could be carried for Formal attendance. Which gives you a more confident and more elegant look.


2. Top Stitched Feather round end tip Leather Belt:

This belt is a masterpiece of our craftsmanship. They gave a Real Leather belt to an extended look. By their experience, the simple and prominent features take this belt to another level.

best Leather belt

3. Double Stitched Leather belt:

These Leather belts are labeled by double stitching style, and this could also be carried in both the formal and casual classes. This is inspired by Western designs. The Contrast Buckle makes it more elegant. And the single prong gives an extra and complete look.

Leather Belts

4. Special Leather Belt:

In this category, we have a special Embossed Crocodile print on cow or Buffalo leather hide. This is also a masterpiece. This special belt is worn on special occasions. So, if anyone is looking for any special Gift this choice is for you.

Belts in Pakistan

5. Vintage Look:

Suppose you are going to play an antique and vintage look in any place you must carry this belt. With all the benefits of Real Leather, it gave double color and a vintage style.

More stylish Leather Belts in Pakistan by OXENHIDE:

Here are some featured, textured dark and lighter in shade of Real Leather Belt sin Pakistan that enhance your dress in a crowed.


Leather Belts in Pakistan

All these are our style caster and gave a complete look in your dress that make you prominent in a crowed. We the Oxenhide ..and are all Real Leather In Pakistan.

 Be Pakistani and Buy Pakistani.



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