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Leather Wallets in Pakistan

Geographically Asia pacific is getting Hub of Leather goods and giving good revenue in worlds economy and Pakistan is a part of Asia. its Leather and products made by Leather is getting popular in worldwide. We Oxenhide are the leather smith and in this industry about past many years. Our Craftmanship is highly determined and well trained in making products of Leather. Our Leather wallets are made by Cows hide and from Full Grain Leather which doesn’t keep your Money but also gives an astonished look. We can put money, cards, receipts in any keeper but as name shows Leather goods are Durable, soft, long lasting, and fashionable so, why not to choose the Leather then other material. And we made the best Leather wallets in Pakistan because we just not sell products, but we have experienced and have much confidence that the product will stay with you and make others noticeable on you.

Increasing Demand in Leather Goods:

As there are number of reasons that increases demand in Leather not only in Pakistan but worldly.

Population: the number of people increases the demand for goods also increase it’s a Rule and now this Rush in also in escalating in Pakistan.

Fashion Demand: In the past few years the Women’s job orientation is also getting shoot up. obviously, the demand regarding Leather Goods such as handbags, Wallets, Belts, shoes, etc. will also increase. This also gives the industry a plus point in manufacturing Leather Products.


Wallets, handbags, shoes, and many other products have many options in the market of these things’ other materials. But with the passage of time its more features are introducing and curiosity among Leather Goods also increasing.

Leather has more resistivity and durability quality.

Wallet Means:

A wallet is an article in which one person can take its necessary artefact like cash, Receipts, bank or business Cards, and identity Card. So a wallet must be designed in such a way that it keep these things and not impact a bogus look.


leather wallets

best Leather wallets

as picture implies these are REAL LEATHER WALLETS that not just fulfill your requirement on the other hand makes you astonished among others.

Types of Wallets:

The wallet should be chosen according to your need. The right Wallet for the Right Job. As if you are wearing a casual look like jeans or other and not going on a special occasion you can move towards Bi-Fold one.

Bi-Fold: as the name implies it has basically two Partitions in which one can place its cash and other entities. Leather made this folding more comfortable and its easy to access.

The colors can be chosen according to one’s choice.


This BI-Fold must  have 4 to 6 card holder space. The Size of the Wallet is almost same as tri or Bi folds. And it’s about 3.8 inches to 3.3.

Tri- Fold wallet:

These Wallets also have two folding ways, but it may have 3 sections which gives you more area in that you can put you cash or other things.

The size of these also be same but this may look bigger in volume or according to your filling way. Mostly you can have these in all your occasions or with any style you are carrying.

best REAL LEATHER WALLETSthese Wallets can be seen have more card holder places about 6 to 8. And have a button locker in which one can holds its coins, Flash or any other smaller entity.

Long Wallets


Traveler wallet

These are also some type of Wallets which you can choose according to your need .

Where you kept your Wallet:

no man should keep his wallet at the back pocket not because it gets picked up easily but also not comfortable for sitting and at standing position it looks murky.


The simple way is to avoid these is to keep your Wallet at front or in jacket pocket.


The Pakistan Leather industry is booming due to growing demand for the right things that is genuine Leather but also consciousness of having better things then other this may also increase  in production of Leather goods .we as a person first see our need then the Right company that gives High quality Leather Wallets or other things this a little time of work on our needs can save our money from fake Leather and can gives us stylish ,comfortable, durable Product.

We design it that way and we labeled it that way. We are about great styles and honoring great histories.


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