Leather Belts

Handmade Leather Belts

Belts are not just to stylize your personality but it’s also a utility thing and yet makes you comfortable.

As Belt from its name mean an item that goes around your waist hold it, have a flexible tendency, and can sustain your pant on its place. This is an artisanal good that shows a real Leather color. Leather is a rigid body that can sustain for years and years. a good handmade Leather belt also have this capability. Blet for men comes in different materials




A belt from Leather is a worlds most renowned durable and long term used material. Handmade leather belt has the highest place among this race of having a perfect look with most comfortable items.

Belt material:


Buffalo hide


And from many other animals or reptiles hide are used to get Leather so that things that makes your life versatile and easy.

Cowhide Full grain Leather is the best leather in world to make Belts for men. it’s the highest in quality and is recommended for its longevity. Its aged well and have a well patina. handmade Leather Belt from full gain gives you a vintage look. the belts that are made personally also have personal feelings of a human being that used his hands to make it.

The Top grain Leather gives you a uniform look and a polished surface which results a classy shiny Leather Belt.

Types of Belts:

If you are going out from the house, you’ll look on yourself and the belt shows its impact where you are going out. Rather the shirt is tucked in or not the Leather Belt should be on its place around your waist. There are Two main type of Leather Belt

  • Formal Belt
  • Casual Belt

As from their names these belts have some significant features that makes different from one another.

Formal Belt:

This handmade Leather Belt will elevate your look. The formal belts are used for office, official meetings, weddings, greetings, or some important educational plan. The anatomy of every belt is same it has

  • A Buckle
  • A Strap
  • End Tip
  • Prong

A Buckle for Formal Leather belt have some specifications if you ponder on it gives you a perfect match according to the scenario. The Buckle for this is sleek and shiny look. They are smaller and flatten. Different styles of buckles are used Box style, Frame style, Plate style, D ring or O-ringed style. these are the main styles but for Formal occasion the BOX style Buckle is best at its place among all.

The Strap

handmade Leather Belts Strap have its look from a distance. The Width of this Belt should be 1 – 1.5 inch. The Color for Formal look is also playing an important part. Black and Brown are most traditional colors. The Formal Belt also have a simple patina don’t have much pattern on it.

Matching a Formal Belt with your outfit:

Be careful if you are choosing a belt for Formal use. there’s a rule of synchronizing a Belt color with your Shoes. And match your belts metal in a Buckles form with the Metal you are wearing in a wrist watch form or in a ring form.

Casual Belts:

As the name depicts its demand the casual Leather Belt for jeans and khakis.

In this type you have vast choice in stylizing your look with the Belt. Like you can play with colors and buckle style. The only thing that makes both these belts together in a platform is its durability, sustainability, impression and yet are in affordable price.


The craftsmanship is more important in this area because the stitching, the edges, the holes, length, all together gives a perfect Handmade Leather Belt. Skilled and brain combines and gives a long-lasting Belt.


You can use a string even to hold your pant on its place.

But the thing that is made for its purpose gives a better result. A perfect handmade Leather belt can be with you for years and years and a great option also to give someone a unique and memorable gift. Whether the Belt is of cowhide or from Buffalo hide the Real Leather classify its name and OXENHIDE have its place from many years and is renowned for its Real Leather products.

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